Meet SONY HDC 4800 4K Camera

September 24, 2018 8:03 am

Today’s TV sports fans demand better-looking pictures, revealing every instant of explosive on-pitch action with astonishing clarity, color, and contrast. And you need a high performance ultra slo-mo solution that helps directors and camera crews deliver bigger creative returns faster and more efficiently with fewer operational constraints.

Stay ahead of the game with the HDC-4800 4K/HD Ultra High Frame Rate camera system. Teamed with the BPU-4800 4K UHFR Baseband Processor Unit, it’s a complete live solution for 4K Ultra High Frame Rate (UHFR) recording and playback.

The HDC-4800 sets the pace in live TV sports production, delivering breathtaking 4K picture quality plus streamlined live operational workflow and familiar ergonomics.

The Sony 4K system camera line-up is an ideal solution for the rigorous demands of live sports production. A de facto choice of broadcasters worldwide, the Emmy Award winning HDC-4300 is joined by the HDC-4800 that captures dynamic 4K HDR Ultra Slo-Mo pictures. They’re complemented by the HDC-P43 POV camera that’s ideal for installation on cranes and aerial camera systems. Originally produced in 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range), this clip has been down-converted to HD SDR.