Video Encoders


The AVP 2000 Contribution Encoder has been designed specifically to address the demands of today’s broad range
of Contribution and Distribution applications delivering the most flexible video processing solution in the market.Based on a compact 1RU form factor chassis with up to six hot swappable option slots with a single power supply unit
(PSU), making it an ideal solution for the whole spectrum of high resilience to high density requirements.A comprehensive range of processing options are available in the AVP 2000 Encoder including MPEG-2, MPEG-4
AVC, JPEG-2000 and HEVC which depending on the modules deployed enable operators to encode multiple formats
as ASI and/or IP outputs. Standard definition, high definition and ultra high definition in 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 modes are
supported and for highest quality feeds the unit supports both 10-bit precision and p50/59.94 frame rates

HARMONIC Electra 9200

The Electra 9200 is a multichannel, multi-service encoder in a compact, energy-efficient 1-RU chassis. Part of a complete video headend solution, the encoder supports main and secondary SD or HD channels of constant bitrate (CBR) or variable bitrate (VBR) video using either MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC encoding. It offers high bandwidth efficiency and channel density—up to four audio/video input processing modules per chassis.Superior video quality merges with Harmonic intelligent function integration in the Electra 9200 to deliver a high-performance unit that helps increase efficiency while lowering service providers’ capital and operating expenses. Comprehensive features include integrated audio encoding tools, GbE networking, flexible internal video routing, and enhanced serviceability via removable power supplies, fan assembly, compression modules and processing cards.

MCBS 8 in 1 MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD

8 in 1 MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD (High Definition) Encoder (with IP output) supports 8*HDMI and ASI input, and generates DVB transport stream (TS/ASI) and IP (TS over IP) output. It suits 1U rack and supports1080i/p, 720p and HDCP. Besides, It can be operated by both LCD/Keyboard and NMS (Network Management Software). Its high-integrated and cost-effective design makes it widely used in varieties of digital distribution systems such as cable TV digital head-end, satellite digital TV broadcasting and terrestrial digital TV, etc.


The ViBE® encoder brand is synonymous with premium, high-quality video compression. ViBE encoders utilize the most advanced compression technologies available, gained from 20 years of know-how in encoder algorithm optimization. The ViBE EM4000 premium HD/SD encoder is especially well-suited for satellite, terrestrial broadcast and cable or IPTV applications, as well as various other kinds of content aggregation.

Not only does the ViBE EM4000 save rack space and power (consuming less than 60 W per video channel), it also allows great flexibility in 8+8 channel architectures by enabling operators to change the configuration of a full transponder instantly. At its heart is a decoupled processing engine driving the Harmonic Mustang 2.0 next-generation compression algorithm. Mustang 2.0 increases HD MPEG-4 AVC encoding efficiency thanks to improved motion estimation, refined multi-pass encoding and advanced preprocessing


The Ericsson AVP 4000 system encoder delivers high quality system encoding for IPTV, Cable, Satellite and Broadcast. Part of the multiple award winning Ericsson AVP encoder range, the AVP 4000 also incorporates the rich toolset of Ericsson’s market leading VPC system encoder.
A compact 1RU form factor offers up to six hot swappable option slots, for combinations of encoding and auxiliary modules. Dual power supplies protect services and an on-board video monitor gives instant operator feedback. The AVP 4000 is powered by Ericsson’s first ever video processing chip. This completely new 10-bit Ericsson designed and built encoding chip, builds on two decades of market leadership in encoding algorithms and techniques, delivering outstanding picture quality at HD and SD, in both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC.